Korea Investment Holdings Co., Ltd.



  • Sustainable Investments
  • Responsibility for Our Customers
  • Management Ethics
  • Collaboration and Togetherness
  • Social Integration
ESG Committee

ESG Committee of KIH is responsible for
overall ESG Matters of the company.

  • Environment

    Environmentally responsible Investment, ESG
    bond underwrit-
    ing and ESG products launch, etc.
  • Social Responsibility

    Realization of shared growth, inclusive finance
    and social con-
  • Governance

    Spread of sound governance culture, Investment
    in companies
    with outstanding governance struc
    ture and strengthen of
    stewardship code, etc.
  1. 1.Purpose and Role of ESG Committee

    • Establishing ESG strategies and policies
    • Identifying ESG status and managing the performance
    • Responsible for other ESG matters authorized by the BoD
  2. 2.Member

    • Chair : Tae Won Kim
    • Members : Tae Kyun Oh, Hee Jai Kim, Young Cho Chi
Main Activities
Implementing ESG investments
  • - Investments in eco-friendly industry
  • - Socially responsible investments
  • - Investments in corporate governance area
Expanding accessibility to socially vulnerable groups
  • - Improving financial protection for older people
  • - Visual ARS System
Providing job opportunities to socially vulnerable groups
  • - Indiscriminate employment policy toward socially vulnerable groups
‘Chambeot‘ volunteer group
  • - Expanding and sharing the value of ‘Chambeot‘ volunteer group
  • - Promote active participation of employees in the group
Volunteering to support socially vulnerable groups
  • - Matching Grant Program
  • - Supporting low-income child/adolescent during winter break
  • - Weekend volunteer works
Supporting child/adolescent program
  • - “Dreaming Children” Project
  • - Country-wide writing contest
  • - Children football class
  • - Economics class for the youth