Korea Investment Holdings Co., Ltd.


CEO’s message

To our customers and shareholders

  • Every member of KIH will rise to the challenge presented by current adversities with the firm belief that a crisis can be an opportunity in disguise. We will turn these hard times into an opportunity for change, innovation, and entry to new markets so that we can evolve as a stronger entity. Creative products and services will breathe life into the stagnant financial market, and we will emerge in the post-pandemic era as an undisputed market leader. In doing so, we will realize our vision to become the most trusted financial partner to our customers, employees, and shareholders.
  • Korea Investment Holdings CEO
  • Korea Investment Holdings spent the past year dedicated to diversifying the entire Group's profit structure and strengthening the domestic and overseas competitiveness of a key subsidiary, Korea Investment & Securities. Despite the headwinds posed by challenging circumstances in the global market, we managed to record a sound performance across the investment banking, trading, and credit segments to satisfy our customers' and shareholders' expectations.
  • In 2020, we faced immense and unprecedented challenges at home and abroad. The Covid-19 pandemic pushed the entire global economy over a precipice at the beginning of the year and exacerbated the Korean economy’s burden. Local and overseas financial markets are forecast to remain unstable amid increased uncertainty and volatility. The outbreak has also brought about drastic changes to everyday life and the way we do business. No-contact services are becoming more ubiquitous as people around the world experience lockdowns and social distancing becomes the new normal. Consequently, there will be a fundamental shift in the global business model based on a division of labor and cooperation. We at KIH face serious questions about our role in the post-pandemic world and how we can continue to survive and thrive as the financial industry enters an era of zero-interest rate and massive ICT platforms.
  • I have every confidence, however, that KIH will overcome these difficulties as we have prevailed over past challenges to achieve growth. Following the adage that we should go back to the basics during hard times, the entire KIH family is devoted to readjusting our business strategy to maximize customer and shareholder value. We will realign our organization and processes to solidify our fundamentals further and refocus our attention on the continued pursuit of our vision and goal.
Risk Management
We will foster a sound risk culture and reinforce the Group's risk management standards.
This means advancing risk management infrastructure, strengthening monitoring, and introducing more sophisticated processes for each subsidiary and the overall Group. In this way, we can remain one step ahead in preparing for uncertainties and respond effectively to abrupt changes in the financial environment. We will also review our risk-related organization and add reinforcements, including more personnel, as needed.
Global Business
We will venture more boldly into overseas markets to expand our global business.
In addition to expanding our overseas network and pursuing localization, KIH will broaden our business scope and market portfolio, and secure new growth engines as we prepare the foundation for a new business model in an era of low growth and low interest rates.
Digital Innovation
We will actively enhance management efficiency through digital innovation.
We will accelerate digitalization by expanding data-based management and connecting our financial systems to digital channels and platforms. Internally, we will build a ubiquitous working environment and promote a productive corporate culture to prioritize work that delivers value and enhance our overall efficiency.
  • We appreciate your continued support.