Korea Investment Holdings Co., Ltd.


BoD By-law : Matters subject to BoD Resolutions

Matters subject to BoD Resolutions
Matters relating to general meeting of shareholders
  1. - Determination of convening of general meeting of shareholders and its agenda
  2. - Approval of financial statements and business reports
  3. - Determination of dividend amount and its payment method
  4. - Amendment of the articles of incorporation
Matters relating to general management
  1. - Group’s management objectives, strategies and evaluation
  2. - Approval of formulating a budget and account closing
  3. - Important organization changes, such as the dissolution, business transfer and merger
  4. - Inclusion or exclusion of affiliated companies, etc.
Matters relating to establishment and alteration or abolition of important regulations
Matters relating to corporate governance and directors
  1. - Nomination of BoD, except for Non-standing Directors
  2. - Appointment and dismissal of Chairman of board and CEO
  3. - Establishment of Committees under the BOD, appointment and dismissal of members of the Committees
  4. - Determination of the remuneration and other compensation of directors delegated by the general meeting of shareholders, etc.
Matters relating to financing and capital stock
  1. - Determination of issuance of stocks and bonds
  2. - Change of capital stock, capitalization of reserves and the issuance or retirement of stock, etc.
Other matters
  1. - Matters that shall be determined by the board of directors under the laws and regulations or the articles of incorporation, etc.