Korea Investment Holdings Co., Ltd.


Code of Ethics

Maximization of customer
satisfaction and shareholder value

Employees of Korea Investment Group shall provide the best quality services in the financial industry and carry out their responsibilities and obligations for the satisfaction of clients and the maximization of shareholder values.

For Clients
We consider and decide all management activities from the client's perspective, and strive to create client value with an honest and sincere attitude, under the recognition that the client is the foundation for the company's existence.
For the Society
Our employees shall create value in society through legal and fair business activities, contribute to establishing standards for sound financial systems.
For the prohibition against conflicts of interest
Our employees shall not be involved in conflicts of interest with customers or a company (investment, business deals, etc.) and shall draw a clear line between public and private matters and shall not pursue personal interests.
For the Sense of Duty
Our employees shall carry out their assignments with a strong sense of duty and responsibility based on integrity and transparency.
For the company
As a sound social person, we are committed to self-development and do not do anything to debase or degrade the company's reputation and values.