Korea Investment Holdings Co., Ltd.


Group Overview

Korea Investment Holdings

Korea Investment Holdings (KIH) is a non-bank financial holding company with a diversified business line
including securities, asset management, savings bank, credit finance, venture capital, PEF, and real estate trust.

KIH concentrates on providing various products and services based on financial subsidiaries that have
built up leading positions in their respective fields by creating synergy between subsidiaries.

Group Companies


    • The leading financial investment bank
      in Korea with diversified financial services
      including brokerage, asset management,
      investment banking, and trading
    • Korea’s representative asset
      manager with the title of the nation’s
      first investment trust company
    • Korea’s first and foremost specialist
      in value investing
    • Accessible and approachable financial service
      provider to local residents as
      the country’s leading savings & loan institution
    • Leading credit finance firm
      specialized in corporate credit finance
    • Established in 2019, KIRET offers
      innovative services that combine existing
      real estate trusts with Fintech & ICT
    • For Over 30 years, KIP has been
      a leading Venture Capital, evolving
      into Asia’s top VC/PE firm
    • An independent PE house of KIH,
      KIPE is gaining prominence
      in the domestic private equity industry
    • Established in December 2021,
      Korea Investment Accelerator is a startup
      accelerator that helps startups having
      difficulties funding and growing
      with initial investments and managerial help.
    • Established in July 2022,
      Korea Investment Real Estate Management
      operates as an alternative investment
      management company, engaging in collective
      investment, private equity investment,
      investment advisory services and discretionary
      investment services.
    • Established in 2008 as the first offshore
      hedge fund manager in Korea,
      KIARA ADVISORS is expanding its business
      scope based on the sound performance
      of KIARA Asia Pacific Hedge Fund