Korea Investment Holdings Co., Ltd.


BoD Committees

Committee Committee /
Purpose and role of the committee
Management Committee
  • Management Committee
  • Chair: Nam goo Kim
  • Members: Tae Kyun Oh, Young Tae Cho, Seong Kyu Lee
  • The committee deliberates and resolves matters authorized by the BoD, except for the matters that shall be determined by the BoD under the laws and regulations or the articles of incorporation.
Risk Management
  • Risk Management Committee
  • Chair: Choon Seung Ham
  • Members: Tae Kyun Oh, Tae Won Kim
  • The committee establishes risk management systems to identify, quantify, monitor and control the overall risk exposure of our group and conducts the duty of managing and controlling risks comprehensively.
  • Compensation Committee
  • Chair: Young Rok Cheong
  • Members: Tae Kyun Oh, Jung Ki Kim
  • The committee evaluates and reviews the suitability of designing and operating the compensation system for management.
  • The committee determines who shall be subject to the regulation of the compensation committee.
Audit Committee
  • Audit Committee
  • Chair: Jung Ki Kim
  • Members: Young Rok Cheong, Su Mi Choi
  • The committee oversees overall administration, financial reporting of our group and execution of directors’ duty.
Directors Nomination
  • Directors Nomination Committee
  • Chair: Young Tae Cho
  • Members : Namgoo Kim, Tae Kyun Oh, Choon Seung Ham, Su Mi Choi, Hee Jai Kim, Young Cho Chi
  • The committee reviews candidates for non-standing directors, CEO and members of audit committee, and recommends them for general shareholders’ meeting and BoD.
ESG Committee
  • ESG Committee
  • Chair: Tae won Kim
  • Members : Tae Kyun Oh, Hee Jai Kim, Young Cho Chi, Seong Kyu Lee
  • The committee is responsible for overall ESG matters of the company, such as establishing ESG strategies & policies, identifying ESG status and managing the performance record.