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Korea Investment Savings Bank (“KISB”) is the Group’s banking services provider. KISB became a part of the Group when legacy Dongwon Securities acquired Jeonnam-based Koryo Mutual Savings Bank in 1996. In 2001, KISB also acquired Anheung Mutual Trust Bank, based in Kyeonggi Province and paved the way to enhance its growth.

Since 2001, KISB has remained in the industry’s top tier in terms of asset quality, profitability and capital adequacy. KISB became the first mutual savings bank to earn a credit rating of ‘A-’ from both National Information & Credit Evaluation, Inc. and Korea Information Service, Inc. KISB provides deposit and loan services to clients through strong relationships with local communities, and functions as a strategic operation channel for KIH.

KISB is committed to becoming a better savings bank, one that truly satisfies the needs of its clients by offering a wide range of high-quality products and services through its own networks, as well as through those of its affiliates.
December 14, 1982
Mr. Young-woo Nam
12 (3 in Seoul, 7 in Gyeonggi-do, 1 in Gwangju, 1 in Jeju)
2.2 trillion KRW
184.8 billion KRW
36.6 billion KRW
※ As of December 31, 2016
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