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KIVAM was established in February 2006 as Korea’s first long-term equity-oriented asset manager, and has been devoted to long-term value investing with focusing on finding a company’s underlying value. The company’s management philosophy is making “Value Investments” based on the intrinsic value of a company, “Long-term Investments” irrespective of market volatility, and holding a stock until the intrinsic value is reflected in the price. The company’s investment philosophy has served as a pioneer in leading the short-term oriented investment culture of the capital market to that of a long-term investment one.

KIVAM has a well-functioning risk management unit to respond to the currently unstable and, rapidly changing financial market. For efficient risk control, KIVAM focuses on a company’s growth potential, asset value, and financial soundness rather than external conditions surrounding the company. Going forward, KIVAM will establish more resilient risk-management principles that can proactively react to the market situation and external factors.
February 13, 2006
Chai Won Lee
4.0 trillion KRW
514.8 billion KRW
5.3 billion KRW

※ As of December 31, 2019, in accordance with the K-IFRS

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