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Asia’s Top Financial Enabler
Since its establishment in 2003 as the first non-bank holding company in Korea, Korea Investment Holdings(KIH) has made remarkable progress in all of its business activity, including IB, asset management, venture/PEF investment, savings bank, credit financing and hedge fund management. KIH has diversified the business portfolio in a well-balanced manner, aiming at improving genuine satisfaction of both investors and capital end users in an effort to become a financial group customers trust. As of September 2017, KIH currently has 9 subsidiaries with 21 affiliates, operates 100 branch offices domestically and 14 overseas network.

January 11, 2003
Nam-goo Kim (Vice chairman & CEO)
Nam-goo Kim (20.23% of ordinary shares)
List of First-tier subsidiaries
- Korea Investment & Securities Co., Ltd. (KIS)
- Korea Investment Saving Bank Co., Ltd. (KISB)
- Korea Investment Partners Co., Ltd. (KIP)
- Korea Investment Capital Co., Ltd. (KIC)
- EQ Partners (EQP)
- Kakaobank of Korea

List of Second-tier subsidiaries
- Korea Investment Management Co., Ltd. (KIM), Korea Investment Value Assets Management Co., Ltd. (KIVAM),
- Korea Investment & Securities Europe, Ltd., Korea Investment & Securities America, Inc.,
- Korea Investment & Securities Asia, Ltd., Korea Investment & Securities Singapore Pte. Ltd.,
- KIS Vietnam Securities Corporation, KIM Investment Funds, KIARA Asia Pacific Hedge Fund,
- PT Korea Investment and Sekuritas Indonesia,
- True Friend Investment Advisory Co., Ltd., Global Dynasty Natural Resources Private Equity Fund,
- Woori Partnership New Technology Private Equity Fund,
- KIP Global Pharma-Ecosystem Private Equity Fund, Korea Investment Partners US, Inc.,
- KIP (Shanghai) Venture Investment Management LLC, EQ Partners Global PEF No.1,
- EQ Partners Asia Infrastructure Private Equity Fund,
- EQP POSCO Global No.1 Natural Resources Private Equity Fund,
- EQ Partners Green Private Equity Fund,
- EQ Partners No.2 Corporate Restructuring Private Equity Fund,
- EQ Partners No.1 Environment Service Private Equity Fund

AA- (Korea Ratings, KIS, NICE)

* As of December 31, 2018

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